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Salt Lake Tribune: 8 Minutes of Fame

Star time » Guy Fieri, of The Food Network, calls Salt Lake City barbeque joint a 'gem.'

By Julie Deherrera
January 15, 2009

Pat's BBQ will enjoy eight minutes of fame during "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" hosted by Guy Fieri.

On Monday, The Food Network premieres "Episode 507: Neighborhood Favorites."

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In May, Fieri visited seven diners and dives in Utah to chronicle the state's food scene. The blond, spiky-haired man found his way to Pat's BBQ, via his trademark red 1967 Chevy Camaro SS convertible, to sample some 'que and hang with locals.

"Guy is awesome!" said Michelle Friedman, of Murray, who was one of the first to arrive for the deliciously pulled pork and beef brisket and the taping. "I first saw him on the "Next Food Network Star" [and] I knew right from the start that he would win that and he did! He has the best personality for a cooking show."

Friedman scored a picture and autograph with Fieri, because, as Fieri said, "She has nicer ink than I do!" -- referring to her tattoos.

Pat Barber was equally excited to have "the food dude and chef" at his establishment.

"The Food Network saved the best for last!" said Barber, referring to the final airing of Utah's diners.

Barber said the show began calling in February after receiving tips from viewers raving about his barbecue joint. -

"For hell's sake, for a barbecue place on a dead end street in an old warehouse, to be on national TV...," Barber said.

Barber said he would relish the exposure.

So, in May, Fieri came a-calling.

Inside Pat's

kitchen, Fieri watched as Barber prepped brisket and prepared burnt ends, placed the meat in the outside pit, slathered on dry rub and trimmed deckle, all the while chatting away about the delights and philosophy of gastronomic barbecue fare.

"He thought my signature ingredients and my dry rub was peculiar," Barber said. "[Fieri] thought it was saltpeter. It isn't."

Barber refuses to divulge the ingredient of the dry rub, not even to Fieri. But Barber said there is nothing artificial about it and it is an imported natural sweetener.

Fieri had a different opinion: "I think he told me, but I took the barbecue brother code oath of honor."

"He loved it [dry rub]," Barber said.

And Fieri reciprocated.

"[Pat] is the real deal and the barbecue is on-point," said Fieri. "This a killer place, and [Salt Lake City] has a gem."